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Relax to Tranquil Synthesizer Music

Stephen Bacchus offers several music albums for sale directly from his new website, on Apple Music, Amazon™ and eBay™. These albums are composed using synthesizers, samplers, acoustic instruments,  as well as recorded sounds from nature and other real world (musique concrete) sounds. Much of his music is ideal for relaxation, meditation, and holistic healing.


Stephen Bacchus' discography is for sale as CDs, limited-edition CDRs and as downloads. They are available through his own website, Amazon, eBay and as downloads they can be purchased from Apple Music (iTunes) and now on Bandcamp! His music can also be heard via Satellite on Sirius XM (USA) and on Stingray Music (Canada). Many of his albums offer exquisite, relaxing tunes perfect for quiet evenings reflecting. Each album contains between 10 and 15 songs. Stephen's own albums include:

Hinterland • Pangaea •  Ancient Mysteries • Bardo • Ambient Origins Etherium • The Keep Drifting...Deep      

Musical Process

To create the unique mix of sound and music, Stephen draws inspiration from nature, meditation and the sounds of the real world. Using a synthesizer as his primary instrument, he creates pieces that blur the line between sound and music, making for a wonderful backdrop for meditation or yoga. Through music, you're able to harmonize your body and mind in a holistic way.

Myriad Benefits

Enjoy increased peace and wellness when you use Stephen Bacchus' albums as your meditation or yoga soundtrack. The sounds and vibrations of music and nature combine to harmonize your body, even out your breathing, and cause you to become overall more relaxed.

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