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Bringing The Wilderness Within Reach

For over two decades, Stephen Bacchus aka Grant Mackay has been an intrepid adventurer into the Canadian Wilderness. With his field recorder and microphones in hand, he has captured pristine environmental and wildlife sounds from some of the deepest and most remote corners of the wild. His travels have taken him across both the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec.


Stephen Bacchus' discography of pure nature sounds are for sale as limited-edition CDRs, downloads and can be heard on Apple Music's streaming service. CDRs are available through his own website, Amazon, eBay, and Discogs. As downloads they can be purchased from Apple Music (iTunes) and now on Bandcamp! His nature sounds can also be heard via Satellite on Stingray Music (Canada). Many of his nature albums offer exquisite, relaxing interludes, perfect for those times when you want to get in touch with the natural world. Stephen's albums of nature sounds include:

Lakeside Savannah • The Forest Marsh •  Point Petre • The Wildlands • Frog Power • Puzzle Lake Paradise

Myriad Benefits

Enjoy increased peace and wellness when you use Stephen Bacchus' nature sound albums as your meditation, yoga  or quiet time soundtrack. The sounds and vibrations of nature will harmonize your body, even out your breathing, and help you to become more relaxed.

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