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Circadia Album

Infused with “enhanced” nature sounds, ambient atmospheres, and surprising musical manifestations, this album features eight new tracks.

Here Bacchus has created an otherworldly, natural world by using the sounds, harmonies, and rhythms of nature as a starting point for musical explorations. He then adds lush soundfields, a vintage banjo and instrument samples from both the modern and the Renaissance eras.

The musical meter is stretched and made fluid in the creation of these soundworlds. Listeners will find themselves drifting away, effortlessly, deep into the Circadian environments created by this sound and music alchemist.

CircadiaA New Album Release by Stephen Bacchus

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"THE MEMORY TAP" (Teaser trailer from the title track of the upcoming new album in 2021).

In The Studio

COMING IN 2021: 

A new Stephen Bacchus album! 
Update 09-05-20
With the completion of the eighth track, "Textured Fields of View", the new album now submerges into the deep end of the sonic pond!

THE RETURNING (2018 Reissue)
The Album that Started it All!
Available for the first time since 1986! MORE

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The Wilderness Mysterium, 03/31/2000

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New Releases & Reissues

Circadia Album CIRCADIA (2018)
Special Digipack Limited-Edition (Only 100 copies!)

Stephen Bacchus
Infused with “enhanced” nature sounds, ambient atmospheres, and surprising musical manifestations, this album features eight new tracks.
Hiatus CDCover

HIATUS (2020 Reissue)
Stephen Bacchus
This album get its title from the hiatus Bacchus would take between albums. During these long breaks the artist continued to write individual tracks and now for the first time they have been compiled into a full album! A digital-only release, these tracks are available as downloads or streaming exclusively on Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Google Music and others.

Hinterland HINTERLAND (2016)
Stephen Bacchus
Limited Edition Digipack CD (250 copies only!)
The music on “Hinterland” was inspired by two decades of sojourns into the Canadian wilderness and is infused with the circadian rhythms of nature.
The Keep THE KEEP (2020 Reissue)
10th Anniversary Collector's Edition

Stephen Bacchus
In a Limited Edition Digipack CDr (50 copies only!)
“The Keep” is a three decade retrospective spanning the years 1979-2009 of Bacchus’ writing career. Carefully curated and remastered by the artist, “The Keep” contains unreleased tracks and showcases the spectrum of his musical styles. This essential release fills in missing gaps in his discography and unlocks “The Keep” of his recording archives that contain some of his earlier works.

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Artist Bio

Stephen Bacchus 2020

Born in 1959, Stephen Bacchus has many decades of experience as a composer, producer and field recordist. He has a large repertoire of best-selling and artistically adventurous albums that he has both authored and produced. Stephen Bacchus aka Grant Mackay began working in sound at age nine. MORE

Artist’s Blog

The Wilderness Mysterium,
If you travel far enough into the wilderness, you eventually reach a region where you feel the bonds of civilization slowly slip away. Here in the primordial vastness of black spruce forests, kettle lakes and endless skies, if you listen not with your ears but with your heart, the wilderness will speak to you. The narrative of the land becomes audible. In powerful, yet elusive whispers it tells a tale of timelessness, mystery, and awe, MORE

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“Circadia” review by Lloyd Barde of Lloyd Barde Productions 

"Musical subtleties are surrounded by found sounds and profound natural elements that refine and intertwine the tender and tuneful passages. Spacious and gracious, “ Circadia” brings a subtle, warm presence to the accompanying rediscovery of our surroundings. Music that is precious, carefully conceived and brought fully forth."

CIRCADIA Listener Reviews

" can say with some confidence that this may be your masterpiece. You’ve finally married your nature recordings with your considerable compositional skills. One outstanding outcome is the evocation of an actual walk into some rather deep woods...your boldest step into the unknown...What you’ve done here, though, is to allow the melody to merge and then subtly emerge, almost imperceptibly. It’s not buried. It’s woven into the marvelous nature soundscapes, simultaneously hidden and present. What a lovely feat."

—Beck H.

“It sounds beautiful, I love every minute of it!”

“I have listened to your CD several times and have to let you know how much I have enjoyed it. It is very beautiful.”
—Murray H.

“Very relaxing. Ethereal. Calming.”
—Peter M.

Microphone on Piano

About the Music

Enjoy Peaceful Meditation

Stephen Bacchus creates a range of music enjoyed by thousands of fans for its tranquility and peaceful qualities. Using his primary instruments, synthesizers, and samplers, Bacchus combines composed music, nature sounds and ambient sounds of the outside world to tap into the "sweet spot" where music and sound meet. His music is best described as "ambient melodic." Heartfelt melodies, inventive arrangements along with lush ambient backdrops.

When you're looking for a soundtrack for your meditation, yoga, or other relaxing activities, allow Stephen Bacchus to provide the relaxing music for your inner space. Whether you're meditating for holistic health reasons or simply enjoying a relaxing evening alone, the music composed by Stephen is sure to offer you harmony and peace.

About the Music

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About Stephen Bacchus

For many years, Stephen Bacchus has worked on albums with a number of other well-known artists in the genre, including Steve Roach, Mychael Danna, Tim Clement, Vidna Obmana, Jeff Pearce, Patrick O'Hearn, Bruce Mitchell and Calverley. Based in Cobourg, Ontario, Stephen has a new album, Hinterland, scheduled for release on CD on 09/22/2016, followed with the digital release on Apple iTunes and streaming on Apple Music in October 2016. During his career, he has released several albums of instrumental music often combining world music instruments, orchestral instruments and originally designed synthesizer sounds for each release. As a music producer, Stephen has also worked on several best-selling albums, including Celtic Mysteries, Celtic Destiny, Celtic Sanctity, and The Ambient Expanse.

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