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Relax to Tranquil Synthesizer Music

These albums are composed using synthesizers, samplers, acoustic instruments,  as well as recorded sounds from nature and other real world (musique concrete) sounds. Much of his music is ideal for relaxation, meditation, and holistic healing. Stephen Bacchus offers several music albums for sale directly from his website or as downloads from Apple iTunes™, Google Music™, or Bandcamp™, You can stream Stephen Bacchus's music from Apple Music™ and Spotify. CDs and CDRs are also available to purchase on Amazon™, eBay™.  and Discogs™.

Musical Process

To create the unique mix of sound and music, Stephen draws inspiration from nature, meditation and the sounds of the real world. Using a synthesizer as his primary instrument, he creates pieces that blur the line between sound and music, making for a wonderful backdrop for meditation or yoga. Through music, you're able to harmonize your body and mind holistically.


Stephen Bacchus' discography is for sale as CDs, limited-edition CDRs and as downloads. They are available as CDs and CDRs through his own website,,, Discogs and as downloads, they can be purchased from iTunes, Bandcamp, CDBaby, Amazon Prime Music, Google Music Play and streamed on Spotify and Apple Music. His music can also be heard via Satellite on Sirius XM (USA) and on Stingray Music (Canada). Many of his albums offer exquisite, relaxing tunes perfect for quiet evenings reflecting. Each album contains between 10 and 15 songs. Stephen's own albums include:

Circadia • The Returning • Hinterland • Pangaea • Ancient Mysteries • Bardo • Ambient Origins Etherium • The Keep Drifting...Deep      

Circadia Album


Stephen Bacchus

Infused with “enhanced” nature sounds, ambient atmospheres, and surprising musical manifestations, this album features eight new tracks. Bacchus has created an otherworldly, natural world by using the sounds, harmonies, and rhythms of nature as a starting point for musical explorations. Headds lush soundfields, a vintage banjo and instrument samples from both the modern and the Renaissance eras. Listeners will find themselves drifting away, effortlessly, deep into the Circadian environments created by this sound and music alchemist. Purchase Limited-Edition CDr 
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The Returning Cd Cover

The Returning

Stephen Bacchus

The album that began it all in 1986. Soothing and revitalizing synthesizer music created using a Roland JX8P synth and recorded and mixed on analog, multi-track tape. Ideal for meditation, yoga and massage. As the title suggests, the music on this album is a returning for me in many ways. Mainly it is a returning to the creation of music again, from which I had taken a two-year hiatus and most importantly, was the consideration of how my music affected the listener. Now "The Returning" is available for the first time since 1986 in its original sequence, with a new cover and released under the Stephen Bacchus artist moniker.
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Hinterland Cd Cover


Stephen Bacchus

Musical Sojourns In The Wilderness

The music on “Hinterland” was inspired by two decades of sojourns into the Canadian wilderness. Infused with the circadian rhythms of nature, each musical miniature unfolds organically, slowly, revealing in sound the hidden epiphanies of the wild in all its beauty and gentle fearsomeness.

Like the steady footfalls on the trail, this is music that takes it time. Bacchus coaxes subtle treasures from his experiences in the deepest quietudes of the many remote Hinterlands he has visited.

His inspiring melodies and original arrangements are the listener’s trustworthy guide to discover the pathways to the Hinterland within."   LISTEN ON SPOTIFY



Stephen Bacchus

Pangaea (pan ge a): Music of the prehistoric age

The term used to describe the vast supercontinent that was to have existed on earth over 225 million years ago, before breaking up into the continents of the present day. Made up of Gondwanaland in the Southern Hemisphere and Laurasia in the Northern Hemisphere, Pangaea was surrounded by a vast superocean called Panthalassa.

Stephen Bacchus has taken his inspiration from this concept and created music using instruments and environmental sounds from nearly all the continents of the world. Combined with this are state-of-the-art synthesizers and samplers, which together form an exciting new blend of World music and New Age music. Some of the instruments on this release include the gamelan from Java, panflute, the Japanese koto, silver flute, as well as Djembes and other drums and percussion of Africa."   LISTEN ON SPOTIFY

Ancient Mysteries

Ancient Mysteries

Stephen Bacchus

Explores the mysteries of lost continents and the ancient world

A musical exploration into the mysteries of ancient civilizations and lost continents. Bacchus soundcrafts an adventure of sonic archaeology by using “vintage” digital synthesizers (i.e. Korg Wavestation, Proteus 3 “World”, Roland Juno 106 and more), then combines these to create hybrid imaginary instruments, like giant pan flutes and “standing stones” percussion. These tone poems of the ancient world take the listener on a journey of mystery, wonder and awe.



Stephen Bacchus

A world orchestral and ambient new age soundscapes

Bacchus recruited an eclectic world orchestra with Native American and bamboo flutes, whistles, shakuhachi, ethnic harps, lutes, and zithers. The diversity of ethnic influences gives the soundscape world music textures and new age timbres. The idea is sound and solid. Bacchus offers us a world music orchestra!"       LISTEN ON SPOTIFY



Stephen Bacchus

Six ambient music meditations for reaching inner space

Mostly, written before the album PANGAEA, it features six music meditations that allow you to reach your inner space. Bacchus' fluid approach to music meter frees the body and nervous system of routine responses and restores natural rhythms. It is available in a limited-edition CDR." The last track "Sanctum" was written by Stephen Bacchus and mixed/produced by Steve Roach in his Timeroom Studio. It was featured on the crtically acclaimed album. "The Ambient Expanse."

The Keep

The Keep

Stephen Bacchus

Bacchus has gone Into "The Keep" of his musical archives

In Medieval times "The Keep" was the innermost and strongest structure of a castle. Stephen Bacchus has gone into "The Keep" of his musical archives and remastered and released for the first time - a three decade retrospective of his works. For the intrepid musical explorer this collection spans the entire spectrum of bacchus' career and writing styles. It also includes the new track, "Gratitude" written especially for this release  LISTEN ON SPOTIFY

Ambient Origins

Ambient Origins

Stephen Bacchus

A collection of his rare Ambient Music and Electronic Music Works

A collection of ambient and atmospheric works from the mid-1980s reflecting the artist’s earlier influences. Captured here, for the first time on CD, is music evocative of cavernous underground warehouses and abandoned munitions factories, deep cold Canadian winters, and lost childhood memories. Bacchus has said of this release: “Returning to these earlier musical works has given me insight into my compositional process, and a chance to rediscover my connection with electronic and Ambient music. For some this may provide the “missing link” to the origins of my other albums.”

Myriad Benefits

Enjoy increased peace and wellness when you use Stephen Bacchus' albums as your meditation or yoga soundtrack. The sounds and vibrations of music and nature combine to harmonize your body, even out your breathing, and cause you to become overall more relaxed.

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